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Activated Carbon Fiber Non-woven Ą@Ą@KoTHmex® ACF Non-Woven is made by different percentage of activated carbon fiber and PET fiber. It possesses not only properties of carbon fiber but also with high tensile strength, powderless and easy to be process. With different percentage carbon fiber, KoTHmex® ACF Non-Woven can be applied in different fieldĄC
Disposable flat mask, food fresh, sanitary napkin, air conditioner filter, respirator, odor elimination pad for shoes...etcĄC
ĄEActivated Carbon Fiber Non-WovenĄG
Item No. Content of ACF(%) Weight (g/m2) Thickness
Surface area (m2/g) Average aperture (A) Standard dimension(Roll)
Width(cm) Length(M)
AP0703 25 20 0.05 100 19-20 18 600
AP0904 50 50 0.25 200 19-20 90 100
ĄEActivated Carbon Fiber Non-woven Test ReportĄG
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