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Activated Carbon Fiber Tow ¡@¡@KoTHmex® ACF fiber which is carbonized and activated in a high temperature condition to form its finished products. The surface area (BET) can be controlled between 700~1500 m2/g, we can easy to meet individual customer's need¡C
¡@¡@KoTHmex® ACF has large surface area. Its adsorption and desorption rate is very fast. Total adsorbable volume of KoTHmex® ACF is several ten times, even many hundred times than conventional granular activated carbon (GAC)¡C
¡@¡@Further, because of its high adsorptive function, compare to GAC, it can be applied in low concentration condition or environment¡C
Water quality treatment¡C
¡EActivated Carbon Tow¡G
Item No. Content of ACF(%) Length of fiber(mm) Surface area(m2/g) Standard Package
AT0702 100 open 700 10
AT0902 100 open 900 10
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