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High effect ACF respirator
-industrial type (1)

LIFE-DEFENCE High effect ACF respirator-industrial type (1)
¡E LIFE-DEFENCE® breathing protective mask with its Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) is a new highly efficient functional adsorbent material.
¡E LIFE-DEFENCE® High effect activated carbon fiber (ACF ) mask has been designed ergonomically, comfort to wear and its special recollection batten to fit wearer¡¦s nose shape completely. It¡¦s 3D shape designed form an air space between month and mask to keep wearer¡¦s breath free¡C
¡E Properties--
¡¯Designed with different material layers
¡¯Completely suitable for wearer¡¦s face shapes
¡¯Soft and gentle material for wearer
¡¯Ergonomic design
¡¯Excellent air permeability, breath free
¡E 12 pcs / box
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