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High effect ACF respirator
-for scooter driver

LIFE-DEFENCE High effect ACF respirator-for scooter driver
¡E LIFE-DEFENCE® breathing protective mask with its integrated NBC filter (KoTHmex® Activated Carbon Fiber Fabric) to against biological and chemical agent. KoTHmex® Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) is a new highly efficient functional adsorbent material which exceeds in NATO standards¡C

KoTHmex® ACF provides widely applications such as industrial processing, environmental protection, absorptive material in medical using, particularly for NBC garment to operate in nuclear, biological and chemical warfare agent environments¡C
¡E LIFE-DEFENCE® High effect activated carbon fiber (ACF ) mask has been designed ergonomically, comfort to wear and its special recollection batten to fit wearer¡¦s nose shape completely. It¡¦s 3D shape designed form an air space between month and mask to keep wearer¡¦s breath free¡C
¡E Properties--
¡¯Designed with different material layers
¡¯Military standard NBC protection
¡¯Completely suitable for wearer¡¦s face shapes
¡¯Soft and gentle material for wearer
¡¯Ergonomic design
¡¯Excellent air permeability, breath free
¡E Outer layer¡Gconventional cotton cloth
¡E ACF fabric
¡E Polyester non-woven¡G
Width¡G36 inches
¡E Lining layer: cotton cloth
¡E 12 pcs / box
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