Carbon Fiber    Carbon Fiber¡XConductive and Heat   Carbon Fiber¡XEMI/EMS shielding

¡E Coefficient of EMI shielding is-33~-36 dB, the effect can be reach to 99%¡C
¡E It is tender and soft and its high tensile strength allows to process very easily¡C
¡E Acid, alkali and chemical agent resistant¡C
¡E It is thin, lightweight, flexibility to twist, suitable for laminating process¡C
¡E It is re-washable in the water without losing its physical properties¡C
¡E It is non-combustion (proven by CNC 10285), stable, acid and alkali proof, non-oxidized, L.O.I. value up to 50, and it can be maintained for many decades without changing its physical properties¡C
¡E EMI shielding for mobile¡C
¡E EMI shielding for pregnancy women¡C
¡E EMI shielding of electromagnetic stove¡C
¡E Clear up electromagnetic interference to video, communication products¡C
¡E Clear up electromagnetic interference to medical treatment equipment¡C
¡E Clear up EMI/ EMC electromagnetic interference¡C
¡E Electronic device shielding material for car¡C
¡E Shielding material for construction¡C
¡E Quarantine room / box for electromagnetic wave¡C
¡E A material to reflex radar wave¡C
Item No. CW1001 CW1003
Content(%) 100 100
Weight(g/m2) 300 150
Thickness(mm) 0.7 0.5
Length resistance£[
4¡õ 4¡õ
Standard dimension
Width(cm) 90 115
Length(M) 100 100
EMI shielding test report(dB)
300MHZ -33 -34
900MHZ -33 -34
1800MHZ -34 -36
2450MHZ -33 -36

KoTHmex® carbon fiber
¡XEMI shielding application
KoTHmex® carbon fiber
¡XEMI shielding application Test Report
KoTHmex carbon fiber KoTHmex carbon fiber
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