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KoTHmexFR Oxidized carbon fiber coating silicon ¡@¡@KoTHmex® Fire Resistant (FR) fiber fabric is processed thru pyrolytic and carbonization from special acrylic (PAN) fiber. It is an innovative product with top fire-proof advanced function. And it is lightweight, soft touch and flexible to applied in many field, compare with conventional carbon fibers¡C
¡EProperties of KoTHmex® Fire Resistant (FR) fiber fabric
¡E The L.O.I of KoTHmex® Fire Resistant (FR) fiber fabric is above 50¡C

KoTHmex® Fire Resistant (FR) fiber fabric outperforms conventional carbon fiber with proven temperature resistance up to 1,0000C¡C

¡E High Temperature Resistance of KoTHmex® Fire Resistant (FR) fiber fabric: no shrink, no drop¡C
¡E KoTHmex® Fire Resistant (FR) fiber fabric has excellent performance of Chemical agent resistance¡C
1. Special Uniforms
Uniforms for firefighter, furnace worker, welding worker, chemical lab staff, racing car staff¡C
2. Protective and safety clothing and disaster preventive equipment
Heat resistant gloves, aprons, hoods, gaiters, arm-covers, fire-extinguishing household cloth, fire resistance (FR) household aprons, FR hoods, portable bags in an emergency period, fire escape ropes, stretchers...etc¡C
3. Interiors
Curtains, chairs, bed and wall materials for aircraft, vehicles, buses, vessels, hospitals, hotels, etc¡C
4. Industrial materials
Fire resistant (FR) sheets against welding sparks( spatter sheet), FR blanket, FR curtains, thermal insulation curtains, valve covers, ducts, adiabatic materials, seal materials, composite materials; friction materials for brakes and clutches, electric cord wrappers, electric wire fibers¡C
¡EKoTHmex® Fire Resistant (FR) Oxidized carbon fiber fabric¡Xcoating silicon¡G
Item NO. Structure Weight(g/m2) Thickness(mm) Standard dimension(Roll)
Width(cm) Length(M)
FR1001 Kevlar +Oxidized 280 0.6 150 100
FR3003 FR1001 + Aluminum 300 0.8 145 80
FR3004 OW4507 + Aluminum 360 0.8 140 80
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