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¡@¡@ With rapidly development of high technology, there are fire threatening around us. The current fire accident increase in the world can be explained by many factors as below:
¡@¡@ 1. Many people live in the same huge building which do not have enough fire safety equipment to avoid it.
¡@¡@ 2. Increasingly dry, hot weather.
¡@¡@ 3. increased human activity in wilderness and wildland area.
¡@¡@ 4. Increased development in urban zone.
¡@¡@ 5. Increased oil storage, power plant.
all of these elements are running at high risk of causing fire. As a result, the demand for a high performance flame retardant material to protect people living and / or working in it is surging up¡C

¡@¡@ Taiwan Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a unique Fire Resistant Fiber / Fabric registered in their trade name of KoTHmex® , which is processed thru pyrolytic and carbonization from special acrylic fiber¡C

¡ESpecial properties of KoTHmex® Fire Resistant (FR) fiber
¡@¡@KoTHmex® Fire Resistant (FR) fiber, an innovative product, which is with top fire-proof advanced function. Furthermore, it is lightweight, soft and more flexible than conventional carbon fibers¡C
¡EProperties of Ko KoTHmex® Fire Resistant (FR) fiber
¡@¡@Conventional flame or heat resistant materials including wool, cotton with FR after-treatment ,aramid, and inorganic fiber like glass fiber and asbestos, are too tough to feel comfortable to touch¡C

¡@¡@KoTHmex® Fire Resistant (FR) fiber has wool-like softness and it is pliable. It maintained its excellent fire-resistance property. Furthermore, it is much lighter compare with carbon fiber and inorganic fiber¡C

¡@¡@The electric resistance of KoTHmex® Fire Resistant (FR) fiber is 108 -1010Wcm and is much higher than that of carbon fiber which usually has electric resistance around 10-3-10-10Wcm¡C

¡EFlame Resistance of KoTHmex® Fire Resistant (FR) fiber
¡@¡@Based on its fire resistance property, KoTHmex® Fire Resistant (FR) fiber own its outstanding performance. It has a top level of 50-60 in the value of L.O.I. in all the organic fibers¡C

¡@¡@Note: A value of over 26.5 in L.O.I. is regarded as self-extinguishing and is called flame retardant¡C

¡@¡@The L.O.I. of KoTHmex® Fire Resistant (FR) fiber surpasses this value a lot and is therefore called a semi-non-flammable fiber which does not burn in the atmosphere¡C

KoTHmex® Fire Resistant (FR) fiber does not burn, melt or shrink but been carbonized when it is brought near a flame. It is, however, maintains well in its original form. Therefore, we recommend customers to use our FR products to reduce the risk of fire, even prevent it to virtually zero¡C

¡EKoTHmex® Fire Resistant (FR) Oxidized carbon fiber yarn¡G
Item Yarn
OY4510 11.3/2 Nm     Min 700 for 11.3/1 Nm    
OY4511 17/2 Nm     Min 550 for 17/1 Nm    
OY4512 34/2 Nm     Min 400 for 34/1 Nm    
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