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Anti-smoke hood -standard type

LIFE-DEFENCE Anti-smoke hood-standard type
ĄE LIFE-DEFENCE® Anti-smoke hood-standard type is manufactured with a multi-layer high tech material. LIFE-DEFENCE® Anti-smoke hood is a life saving tool for urgent evacuation during a fire and is easy to put on wearerĄŠs head. LIFE-DEFENCE® Anti-smoke hood can endure high temperature over 450oC and allow its user to breath in a smoke filled environment around 15-20 minutes and giving the user a chance to quickly leave the fire placeĄC

LIFE-DEFENCE® Anti-smoke hood can be used in every market such as commercial, domestic industrial and institutional market ĄC
ĄE Material of Hood-aluminum laminated with KoTHmex® oxidized carbon fiber fabricĄG
LIFE-DEFENCE® Anti-smoke hood outer layer being a high temperature resistant, aluminum, it reflects heat radiation (the duration is up to 650oC), with the inner layer made of KoTHmex® oxidized carbon fiber fabric for flame resistantĄC
ĄE Eye window of LIFE-DEFENCE® Anti-smoke hoodĄG
This part is made by POLTlMlDE FlLM with clear vision and endure high temperature up to 450oC. 
ĄE Adjustable Elasticated Velcro strip of LIFE-DEFENCE® Anti-smoke hoodĄG
The elasticated Velcro strip holds whole hood tightly, everything will not look vague in the heavy fog through eye windowĄC
ĄE Filter for heavy fog and NBC agent of LIFE-DEFENCE® Anti-smoke hoodĄG
The filter part of LIFE-DEFENCE® Anti-smoke hood has its patent belongs to Taiwan Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. There are 7 layers with strong filterable and adsorbent function and endure high temperature up to 1200oC. during actual fire situationĄC
ĄE Elasticated neck part of LIFE-DEFENCE® Anti-smoke hoodĄG
The standard size opening of LIFE-DEFENCE® Anti-smoke hood is made of elasticity film (latex) with high heat resistance creating a air-tight seal around the neck; LIFE-DEFENCE® Anti-smoke hood is convenient for everyone (babies, children and adults). 
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