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Fire blanket-felt type

LIFE-DEFENCE Fire blanket-felt type
¡E LIFE-DEFENCE® Fire blanket-felt type is made of KoTHmex® oxidized carbon fiber fabric which is a new generation flame retardant fabric with its LOI value up to 50 and can endure high temperature over 900¢J. It will be carbonized and still keep its original pattern in temperature over 1000¢Jinstead of burning, melting or shrinking. Excellent fire resistant function of LIFE-DEFENCE® Fire blanket-felt type exceeds in conventional flame retardant fiber. LIFE-DEFENCE® Fire blanket-felt possess soft and tender texture¡C
¡E LIFE-DEFENCE® Fire blanket-felt is packed in a suitcase-like box and it can be placed in a strategic area for an emergency¡C
¡E Non-woven felt¡G150cm¡Ñ200cm¡Ñ3mm
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