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NBC protective gloves

NBC protective gloves
1. LIFE-DEFENCE® NBC reusable rubber gloves are completely impermeable to gaseous, liquid, and solid toxic substances, for at least 6 full hours. The soft, flexible butyl rubber allows hours of comfortable wear and ease of manipulation in any environment°C
1. Color°GBlack°C
2. Package: Sealed in a vacuum pack°C
3. Material: high quality butyl rubber elastomer°C
4. Physical Properties°G
°@Hardness: 38°”5°]TYPE A°^°^
°@extensibility: °÷600%
°@tensile strength: °÷90ĘV/cm2
5. Permeation resistance (acetone, organic acetate, organic fluids, hyperite, ketones, ester, etc.)°GIt is dip into machine oil for 6 hours under condition of 25ĘJ without any sticky situation°C
6. Ozone resistance: Without breaking within 24 hours°C
7. Protection against chemical warfare agents: No detection of HD during 18 hours. Total infiltration amount of HD should °’2£gg/cm2 within 26 hours°C
°@ length width of palm, including thumb Width of palm width cuff of a sleeve Thickness
9(S) 320°”20 155°”3 120°”3 135°”3 0.75°”0.15
10(M) 165°”3 125°”3 140°”3
11(L) 170°”3 130°”3 145°”3
12(XL) 180°”3 135°”3 1 50°”3
13(XXL) 190°”3 140°”3 155°”3
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