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NBC protective boots

NBC protective boots
1. LIFE-DEFENCE® NBC reusable rubber overboots are completely impermeable to gaseous, liquid, and solid toxic substances, for at least 6 full hours. The soft, flexible butyl rubber allows hours of comfortable wear and ease of manipulation in any environment。
1. Color:Black。 
Package:Sealed in a vacuum pack。 
2. Material:high quality butyl rubber elastomer。
3. Physical Properties:
 Hardness:53±5(TYPE A)
 tensile strength:>100㎏/cm2
4. Permeation resistance (acetone, organic acetate, organic fluids, hyperite, ketones, ester, etc.):It is dip into machine oil for 6 hours under condition of 25℃ without any sticky situation。
5. Ozone resistance:Without breaking within 36 hours。
6. Protection against chemical warfare agents:No detection of HD during 24 hours. Total infiltration amount of HD should <2μg/cm2 within 36 hours。
  沿口週徑總長 前沿口高 後沿口高 前掌寬 後跟寬 length of sole
S(small) 510ˇ5 320ˇ5 300ˇ5 125ˇ5 96ˇ5 305ˇ10
M(medium) 520ˇ5 330ˇ5 300ˇ5 129ˇ5 98ˇ5 330ˇ10
L(large) 535ˇ5 330ˇ5 305ˇ5 135ˇ5 100ˇ5 345ˇ10
XL(extra L) 580ˇ5 340ˇ5 320ˇ5 139ˇ5 102ˇ5 365ˇ10
XXL 590ˇ5 350ˇ5 320ˇ5 145ˇ5 104ˇ5 385ˇ10
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